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Aromatherapy Services

In The Hills offers a wide range of aromatherapy services including custom blends, custom scented products, and botanical perfumes.

 Therapeutic Aromatherapy Consultations

A Therapeutic Aromatherapy Consultation at In The Hills begins with a complete assessment of the client's physical, emothional, and/or spiritual needs. From there, it is determined which oils would be best suited to support healing, and then the fun part begins. 

Together we smell the oils and discuss which ones you are drawn to, as there are usually many different oils that can help one particular condition. A single oil or a Therapeutic blend may be recommended as each client will have different needs or preferences.

Therapeutic Consultations are booked and
charged in 30 minute Increments up to
90 minutes at $30, $60, or $90
Single Scents or Custom Blends in Carrier Oils or Portable Inhalers.

Single Scents or Custom Blends are created to meet many conditions or preferences with each clients needs or specifications in mind and are offered in a light carrier oil for safe topical application or in a nasal inhaler for portable Aromatherapy use.  

In The Hills Offers a Variety of High Quality Diffusers
Aromis Essential Oil Diffusers offered for sale by In The Hills
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