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Essentail Oils Shop

Individual Oils

In the Hills offers high quality, organic essentail oils from Aromatics International and Florihana that can be purchased directly from In the Hills for your convenience.

Custom Oil Blends

Libby has several Custom Blends she has created that are offered on a regular or seasonal basis such as Beard Oils, Mosquitio Sprays, Sinus Inhalers, etc.

Specialty Oil Blends

Specialty Oil Blends are created on a case by case basis with each clients needs or specifications in mind and are offered as a undiluted oil blend, in a light carrier oil for safe topical application, or in a nasal inhaler for portable Aromatherapy use. 

In The Hills Gift Certificates Are Available and Redeemable for Any Product or Service.

Terms & Conditions


All sales final.  Please, contact Libby with any questions or concerns and any unsatisfactory issues will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

In The Hills Uses and Sells Essential Oils that are High Quality, Certified Organic and Naturally Grown from Aromatics International and  Florihana. 

You May Purchase Any of the Oils Directly From In The Hills.

In The Hills Affiliate LInk to Aromatics International
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