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Before you were born, your brilliant soul sent

you a letter…

You wrote it into the stars & the fabric of everything.  Numerology is the study of reading those letters to self. Schedule your appointment to begin reading your letter to see how close or far you have traveled from your TRUE INTENTION for being born.

Numerology quote

 $30 each 30 minute increment

30 min - Four major numbers

(Life Path, Destiny, Soul's Urge, and Personality)

60 minute -  4 numbers from above

(Plus- Birth Day, Maturity Cycle, Formative-Productive-Harvest Cycle, Karmic Lessons, Karmic Debt)

90 minute -  All numbers from above

(plus a complete yearly lifetime chart from age 0 to 80)

A basic reading will  include readings on a client's Life Path, Destiny, Soul's Urge, Personality,

Maturity, Birth Day, Current Name

and Karmic Lessons. 

Other predictive type charting, is available a follow-up appointment.

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