Bringing your Yoga Practice to the Wall

A great way to bring positive change to your home yoga practice is to incorporate a wall as a prop. A blank wall with enough room to stretch out your arms and align your body against it brings many new possibilities to a practice. The wall can be incorporated into both standing and reclining poses to allow for a deeper and better supported practice.

A wall can provide support, alignment or balance to your standing poses.The wall can be used to align the body by lining up against the wall as with triangle or extended side angle. It can be used for support or balance such as with tree or half moon pose by placing a hand or a foot against it. It can allow for a wider stance without worrying about toppling over.

A wall can be used to during restorative poses such as relaxing with legs up the wall, it can provide support for the sole of the foot during side plank or for the back during a squat. A wall can be used to align or support during forward folds or to provide leverage or support during twists.

The wall is also a great way to practice headstands or shoulder stands. It provides a stable surface to line up against to assist with balance and support.

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