Getting the most from a Tarot Reading

There are two types of Tarot readings. Question Readings and open readings. Both are beneficial and allow the recipient to make informed decisions on life situations. Included in this post is a brief overview of each type of reading and some ideas on how to get the most from the reading.

Question Readings:

In question readings, the recipient asks a specific question. Tarot readings are not intended to answer specific yes or no questions but instead should be used as a guide to help the recipient make informed decisions themselves. For this reason, the way a question is stated is very important.

Ideas to keep in mind during question readings.

  • Keep options open: If the recipient has an answer before the reading, then they are not allowing the cards to guide the overall decision.

  • Find the right level of detail: The question should be focused, but not overly detailed. Instead of looking at one particular view of a problem, find a way to look more widely at it.

  • Focus: Make sure the question focuses on the recipient rather than on someone else who may be tied to the situation or problem.

  • Stay neutral: In order to stay open to other points of view, the question has to be neutral and not convey a preconceived notion that the recipients view is necessarily the right one. The cards will give you guidance if guidance is asked for.

  • Be positive: Make sure the question is stated in a positive rather than negative way. Instead of asking why something hasn't happened, ask what can be done to help make it happen.

Open Readings:

Open tarot readings offer a broader scope and address the larger aspects of a recipients life rather than a specific problem, area, or question. Open readings are usually done when a recipient is entering a new phase of life, such as getting married, graduating from college, starting a new career or a family.

Ideas to keep in mind during question readings.

  • Focus on a general area: In an open reading the recipient can somewhat direct the reading if they have a general area they want to be covered, such as career, relationships, or health, but that's as specific as the direction gets.

  • Be open: The tarot reader will get an overall feeling from the initial tarot spread then follow the layout of the cards to give details as to what insights can be gained during the reading.

  • Outcomes: It is up to the recipient to accept the reading insights, mull over them, and put them to the best personal use.

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