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Using Props in your Yoga Practice

Take your yoga practice to the next level with props.

Props can be useful to assist with:

  • balance

  • lengthening

  • stretching

  • stability

  • alignment

  • comfort

  • support

Props can be incorporated into any yoga practice and come in many different forms. Some props are specifically made for yoga but ordinary objects can be brought into a practice with ease.

Most yogis own a mat. A mat is the most common yoga prop. Mats keep a yogi from slipping and cushion the body to avoid stress or discomfort. Mats also help with mapping body placement allowing a yogi to note if feet are lined up evenly using the edge of the mat as a guide.

Other commonly used yoga props are blankets, blocks, bolsters and straps.

Blankets can be used for support, padding and warmth and can be folded or rolled into different sizes, shapes, and heights so are the more versatile of props.

Bolsters can help with support, cushioning and alignment in many Yin poses while blocks work well to create support and height needed to lengthen reach and practice asanas safely. Blocks also can assist in finding the correct alignment for safer body placement.

Straps help a yogi with deepening stretches and poses while improving flexibility. Straps can also help with balancing and supporting legs or arms in place during some asanas.

Chairs, tables, counters, and couches can all be utilized to assist with balance, lengthening, stretching or stability during many asanas.

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