Grounding (Earthing)

We all wear shoes. We wear them to work, to play, to socialize. Many of us put them on before walking out the door in the morning and do not remove them until we go to bed at night. This constant covering of our feet is causing us to miss out on one of the easiest and enjoyable ways to bring balance and healing to our bodies. The action of walking barefoot on the earth, known as grounding or earthing.

Grounding brings our bodies to a neutral state. It balances by allowing us to absorb negative ions from the earth. These negative ions discharge the positive ions we pick up throughout the day. Grounding has been shown to reduce stress, and depression. Grounding also allows for better sleep and can reduce pain and inflammation. Grounding can also boost energy and may even slow the aging process.

To get a dose of the earths healing benefits kick off your shoes and go outside. Walk around in the dirt, grass, sand, or rocks. All it takes is contact between your bare skin and the earth. Spend as much time as you can outside in the dirt. Plant some flowers, lay in the grass, or better yet, take your yoga or meditation practice outside on the bare ground. Just a few minutes a day can reap a wonder of benefits. Take time to take advantage of one of the great things our earth has to offer.

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