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Numerology - An Introduction

April 6, 2017

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Numerology - An Introduction

April 6, 2017

Numbers are all around us. They have meaning in every moment of our life. Our days are tracked by number with time. Our health is tracked by numbers such as height weight, and blood pressure. Our relationships are tracked by numbers of days, weeks, months and years. With every aspect of our lives immersed in numbers it makes sense to turn to numbers when looking for answers, ideas or self fulfillment.



Enter Numerology.

Numerology is the divine, mystical, relationship between a number and a coinciding event. 


A numerology chart is created by a practitioner using key information such as date of birth and conversion of full, birth certificate name to numbers.  


These items give the birthday number and life path number. Once this information is obtained the practitioner can pull various information from these numbers, other aspects of someones life and environment, along with what is known as master numbers to determine past, present and future inclinations and possible events. Each number carries light and shadow traits that can influence a persons path through life. These components can be deciphered by an experienced practitioner to give guidance on what might be coming in the future based on events or actions a person follows combined with the numbers that influence a persons life.


Libby practices Pythagorean Numerology and provides her clients with 3 reading options:


1) MAJORS ($30) - Includes numbers for Life Path, Destiny, Soul (True Self), Personality (Outer Projection).


2) MAJORS, CYCLES, & KARMA ($60):, Includes numbers for Life Path, Destiny, Soul (True Self), Personality (Outer Projection), Birth Day, Current Name, Karmic Lessons/Debts, Maturity Cycle, and  Thirds Cycles.


3) MAJORS, CYCLES, KARMA, +80 ($90):, Includes numbers for Life Pa