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Numerology - An Introduction

April 6, 2017

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Daily Meditation - An Introduction

April 17, 2017


The first step in meditation is understanding what meditation truly is. Meditation is a state of thoughtless, awareness. Meditation is bringing the mind to a point of deep peace, filled with calmness and silence, while being completely alert. Meditation allows for a higher level of consciousness. 



Starting a meditation practice:


  • Find a safe and comfortable place where there will be no interruptions.

  • Set a light alarm or notification to go off. (start with 5 minutes and slowly progress to 10-15 minutes daily).

  • Sit or lay in a position that can be easily held for a while and relax.

  • Slowly bring awareness to the flow of the breath and how the body feels without focusing on any one part of the body.

  • As thoughts occur mindfully cast them out and bring focus back to the breath and awareness of how the body feels.

  • When the alarm sounds slowly bring movement back to the body and thought back to the mind.

  • It may be difficult to maintain this state for more than a few minutes to start but be patient. As the meditation practice progresses the act of meditating will become easier.


Benefits of meditation:


  • Increases focus, mindfulness, and control

  • promotes optimism, acceptance, and self-esteem

  • Boosts immunity and energy levels