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Happenings In The Hills - Tadpole Fishing

So sorry that we have been silent here In The Hills, as of late. Despite the silence, much has been happening. Our latest venture has been what we like to call tadpole fishing.

Over the winter, we allow our pool to turn into a pond. It is one of the frogs favorite places to lay their eggs. However, as summer approaches, we have to move them from their pool tarp home, so that we can begin the process of opening the pool up.

Tadpole Fishing is how I’ve been spending my “spare time” over the past few weeks. We’ve rescued thousands and moved them to the tadpole nursery under the oak tree.

Mowing and bird watching season is also in full force around here. We also had the privilege of seeing a momma deer with her new twins, only minutes after giving birth in our pasture. When we saw them, she was still licking them clean and their legs were wobbling. I’ll try to get a picture soon and share it! I’ll leave you with a picture of Mr. Hummingbird on his lookout post atop the myrtle tree.


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