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In The Hills Happenings - Love Is In The Air

This spring has been a busy time for those who wish to make the ultimate commitment to one another and enter into the sacred contract of marriage. Our little town in her springtime dress provides many beautiful backdrops for the exchange of vows.

I 💕LOVE💕 being part of this special time and couldn‘t be more honored to be part of more than 50 couple’s special days, at this point. Each ceremony I officiate is just as unique and special as the two exchanging their vows.

Whatever you needs are, I offer ceremonies to meet all wishes and budgets. My most popular is the Vows Only ceremony. This ceremony is offered at $50, if we meet downtown, and lasts about 10-15 minutes. Some of the more popular locations for this ceremony are the Clocktower, the foot bridges over the river (Padlock and Forum), the gazebo at Heritage Park, and the Labyrinth at the civic center.

Whatever your needs may be, casual or fancy, just the couple or friends and family, I can provide you with the perfect way to have your commitment of a lifetime be special and unique. I am a big believer in LOVE IS LOVE, and am more than happy to officiate same sex couples. Text Or call 706-767-5837 to schedule your ceremony today! 💕💍🎊


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