Your Yoga Practice - Boosting energy through back extensions

Need a quick pick me up? Are energy levels lagging and the motivation to get things done at an all time low. Is a brain fog getting you down? Get a quick boost or have a daily energy fix by incorporating back extensions in your yoga practice. Poses that contain back extensions boost physical energy boost and increase in mental clarity.

Back extensions are great as a quick pick me up or as an energizing change to your daily practice. Extending the spine opens up the chest and allows the lungs to more freely fill with air. This increased oxygen intake along with stretching the muscles around the spine can boost energy levels and improve mental alertness.

For a quick pick me up in the office or just when you need a boost try doing a few quick poses such as an upward salute, a high or a low lunge. These can be done easily and quickly in any location to get your blood moving and your oxygen levels up without the need for a yoga mat.

To add back extensions to a daily practice toss in bridge, camel, or cobra along with complementary poses that allow building up to the full extension. With all back extensions be aware of the need to protect the lower back while extending the entire spine and rounding through the upper part of the spine to enjoy the full rewards of each extension during practice.

Any pose that flexes the back in the position also known as a "backbend" is considered a back extension. Back extensions can be small such as baby cobras but can include more advanced extensions with poses such as dancer, warrior I, inverted staff or king pigeon. After doing the neutralizing poses (constructive rest, windshield wipers, or legs in the air), I recommend forward bends as counterposes. You always want to bring your spine to a neutral position before going into a forward fold counterpose. Happy bending!

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