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Customized Private Sessions

Tension and Trauma Release Sessions 

Clients are guided through 7 neurogenic release exercises that put the body into a state to release deeply rooted trauma and tension in the form of autonomic tremors.


Session ends with a guided meditation and includes healing crystals and singing bowls. This method has been shown to relieve symptoms of PTSD and chronic pain.


These release sessions are safe enough to be used everyday and clients are given a handout of the process, so that they may continue the work on their own at home.


Tension and Trama Release 

Sessions are only $75 for a 90 Minute Session.

Libby Gore and Client in a Tension and Trauma Release Session
Libby Gore and a Client in a Healing the Body Yoga Session
Yoga for Healing the Body

Clients can expect customized yoga sequences and asanas based on their individual holistic wellness plan, this includes individual needs, past and currnet injuires or limitations and clients abilities.


 As a client progresses toward their path of balance and harmony the practice will be adjusted to take progress into consideration


Customized Healing Sessions are only $75 for a 90 Minute Session.

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