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TAROT In The Hills

"The most powerful sources of information come from within; the

Tarot aids in coming in contact with one's Higher Self."

What is Tarot?

The Tarot is not just a deck of 78 cards, and it is certainly not a hokey fortune telling device that will offer up the latest winning lottery numbers.  Rather, the Tarot is a real place that lives within the depths of our own psyche.  It is a place where your mind meets the mysteries and your imagination floats over the landscape of time itself, gaining insight into your past, present and future. During a reading, we travel together into this magical place, using the cards as our map and compass.

A Tarot reading is an excellent way of gaining a new perspective on life, or situations. It can cast a new light on old problems, negative aspects of relationships and can reveal parts of your life or personality you are neglecting. Insights gained during a reading can help you to make better balanced decisions moving forward. The Tarot allows one to gain a clear, detached view of what you are doing right now, and where your path is headed.

Libby has been reading Tarot professionally for six years.  However, during her short tenure, she has acquired an uncanny ability to connect deeply with her decks and offer insightful readings, helping her clients make the most informed decisions regarding which path they will travel along, for the time being.  The Tarot is best described as a conversation with one's subconscious, mind-conscious, and higher-conscious knowing and offers confirmation to intuitive feelings and synchronicities occurring within the client's flow of life.

Tarot Readings Available

  • 30-Minute Readings (Return Clients Only) - $40

  • 60-Minute Readings - $75

  • 90-120-Min. Yearly Readings (Offered in January and February) - $100

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